Thursday, December 23, 2010

Uncle Albert And The Singing Exchange

Eskimo Helix

From my book for children about Physics: The Black Whole Or Will Booboo Brazil Find True Love In the Big City

Chapter Wondur

Robin thought a lot about the God particle. She sat on the bench in the park thinking about it, she thought about it in the shower, and she thought about it walking to the store.

She smiled to herself thinking, it is here. It's right here, and I can't see it! While we search for it, it is already searching us. Silently, it asked, what are you thinking? How do you behave? What do you want, what do you crave? She laughed a little, singing inside, "Where are you Higgs? Where are you, God particle?"

Nebula Helix, also known as The Eye of God

Before reaching the front door of the market, two women stopped Robin and asked her if she had any change. She looked into their eyes. Aliens! She wasn't quite sure, but she thought maybe planet Init or Sutura. Those creatures had everything. They were trying to help humans, but found we couldn't be trusted with their technology. We fight too much. On Init and Sutura, the aliens were happy. They didn't fight. They were too busy having fun.

The two women peered back at her from their human transformation that came to them upon entry to earth. They had dressed in shabby clothes, and they looked so lonely, so different. They said they were hungry.

"Change?" they asked again, "Do you have change?"

"Yes," she said a little nervously. "I have change."

She dug around in her bag and found some coins. She knew these aliens were testing her. Change. She handed them a few quarters, dimes, and nickels. What did they want to know? Robin tried to help people who were in need as she had been helped when she was in need. She hoped the aliens could see that humans were trying to improve. Trying to love their neighbors as themselves.

The womalians, who called themselves Mary and Laurie, smiled. They smiled and nodded their heads, handing her the change back again. Robin frowned, thinking she had failed the test. The aliens wouldn't want to help for sure after this. Sadly, she began walking toward the store again. She didn't know what she had done wrong.

"Don't you worry," Mary said with a quick clip in her voice. "Change is exchange. You know that! Think about it a little more, and we'll be back."

Robin did think about it. Change is exchange. Then she began to sing it, change is exchange! She danced it! Change is exchange! People stared at her in the market as she dared to skip through the store singing, change is exchange! She could almost feel that God particle bouncing around inside her. She felt so happy, she thought she might burst.

As she left the market, Robin saw Laurie and Mary walking down the street, and as she watched, they became balls of light. The spheres of light became smaller and smaller and they were gone.

When she returned home, walking quietly all the way, so she wouldn't get in trouble from the mean people who didn't like singing and dancing, she found a note on her kitchen table.

It read:


Love, Uncle Albert

While we watch them, they watch us! Photo from The Helix, whom very generously posed for this photo op.

Uncle Albert, private collection, The Internets


Romantic Poetess said...

I love this story and the photos are perfect and perfectly wonderful.

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Womalians! Great. Thanks for this -