Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Devil-Dancer of Kandy

The Devil-Dancer of Kandy

While the things that turn, shift and stutter,
Dance and move, and begin to break down.
While the things that howl
Make their shrieking devil sounds.
While the things that march,
Pull hard on the sides
Of the things that still can dance.
The Duk-Duk Men in Borneo,
Make their movements,
Tell the futures
And whisper sorcerers’ secrets
To the cloudless skies
With stars afloat on
Tongues aflame.
Neti, neti, neti, neti and the forests come alive.
Forests of wire, forests of sand,
The Ashram comes alive
The Asuras make their moves.
Sadhus and Fakirs
Imams and Dervish
spin and whirl
And a sacrifice is made at a spirit-pole
In Mandalay
The screams get carried on the breeze and the muffled moans of the woman of
Fade fade fade away.
The colors that hold the hands together,
The colors they are blinding.
The steps that hold up the thin parts of reality,
The movements remain


Romantic Poetess said...

I love all of the sounds and movement in this poem.

Old 333 said...

Kandy flippin. Thanks for the piece! a dance in itself -


seanmh said...

that was fucking sensational, jesse. great work!

Robin Sneed said...

Jesse, this is amazing!

Old 333 said...

Enjoyed that even more on a second pass. Really a trippy poem. Thanks again for it -

Jesse.s.mitchell said...