Thursday, December 30, 2010

something under the bed

was keeping me up last nite --
it wasnt my heart
because things like that dont happen
but there was a soft clicking thumping noise
that seemed to be coming from below
it could have been the bed springs
but it was too steady
i heard it every time i closed my eyes
but every time i opened them
it was gone, perhaps
by the straw that broke the camel's back
of one extra sensation too many --
a noise so quiet
to be rubbed out by the faintest bit of sight.
it could have been from the apartment below
but i dont think so --
it felt close and tight
i'm trained to think about these things, to think about
whats going on in my head when i hear sounds
or voices
or other things
and the only thing that i can imagine
this had to do with
is my heart
but then again,
things like that dont really happen --
only in books --
so i'll have to make sure
i write it down


Old 333 said...

The bugs and mice are quietly building things, from plans they got in the mail - you think you are hearing things, but that is because
their plans are so small that they barely rustle, their hammers so tiny they barely tink
against the sides of the thing they are building - which will more than tap or tick quietly - the first cat-dreadnought in history -

has anyone seen pussy?

thanks for the poem - talk to ya later -

seanmh said...

heheh. :)

Jesse.s.mitchell said...

frickin' cool