Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I fell in a daze
as if my wrists were in a bind
lines of fairy tale books came to mind
as I spent my nights chained
beyond the walls of intel and agents
past the spiritual change
we ministered to the faithless,
the eyed us with razor wire stares
glazed over glares spared not one of these men a sound mind
but after oblivion comes time
try as you must
but the bottle wasnt enough. we needed powdered lines.
neither were the knives that cut pie charts or interns hearts
crass shallow details by the fellows who knew them best
leather faced with out a single knowledge of fact
it wasnt the chalk outlines that reminded me of that
or the ratatat of broken skeleton lapses of judgement and motor movements
sterile & cold experiences we hoped wed transend sooner
glimpses into the life of a paranoid schitzophrinic who has his shit zipped
locked tight benath ammunition,will and adolescense
the whole polaroids a gimmick
Ive never seen with these two eyelids
Ive always heard whats been developing
hard livin should never be done without meditation
or else youll watch yourself on medication
manifesting a way back into that cerebral cortex youve come to love
but never let love you

Monday, June 13, 2011


I want to rattle your bones
send you home scorned and lost in the world
cheered and tossed under the horn
which has blown down these walls.
small victories pursued by clarity
lost acclimations of instant gratuity
but then
is it worth it at all?
salute to the fallen
small child drops tears revolving
i find a nice place to die for the night.
continual effect
respect and regret
the morning is scorched by sex
higher and higher we grow
until our veins pump liquid metal
and our skin is a silver alloy
her scent is that of legends

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tao of Happiness

My Tao knows that you cannot seek happiness
The opportunity
For happiness is everywhere
The seeking leads us to
Across the endless
Hot desert
Chasing a mirage
Wanting to possess
The last drink of water
Never learning
It may only be
An endless stream
Asking to quench
Any thirst
That is aware
Of how to smile
The inner smile
Of freedom
Of peace
Of love