Saturday, April 2, 2011


clean sheets?
beats me
seems as if the morning came early
huffing tv screens
muffled sounds from the basement and the couch across from me
I exit stage left into the master bedrooms restoom facilities
stareing in the mirror.blank as palm tree,my body shivering from the cold ohio morning
the next thing is the showers on/steam makes me feel like a normal human again.
Its been a long time since these drugs kicked in
all I can think about now is..
four weeks previous,it was leading up to this.
Im wandering around the streets of south carolina,jedi flipped
its early in the morning but Im on the hunt for benzodiazepenes to sleep
a doctor from buffalo new york and I shoot the shit four blocks down the street from the manhatten girls place we had left
sexy exagurated features on the few of them,its like sam says,i always get myself into these sleepover situations
we took on deep levels,obviously loaded heads,he says somthing that resonates with me in this cool salty four in the morning mindstate
charleston is a beautiful place for a tease,passing out is your best sleep in years,
we spend the next morning in the sand
sixty degree beaches,where im immediately at peace with the world,a phone in my hand
I ring alana in the mountains,because I know shes snowed in,I hope the waves bring her warmth in that head
we were rather to young to loose such friends..
back to the shower,back to the whispers of new lovers
back to vibes that bring so much confusion to the whole situation
asleep in a chapel while the bombs serandade the kitchen
it would seem daniels asleep in the lions speak gentler
this vacation has become a crusade of sorts
these charecters and stories have lives of their own
the only logical explination for it all is its a parallel universe...thats eighteen hours from home
close to an imagenary labor day parade,it has no vital role to play,or will change my life today
significant turn of events may make sense at a later date
but as for now Im either losing it or doing great
blimps explode on impact.
raddled boys destroying bloodied evidence of what part they had to play with baseball bats and shovel hits
a new period begins in an instant.
Bliss kisses the innocent and resiliant...their just weary of it