Friday, December 3, 2010

how to build something

imonna try to not be mean--
not like yesterday
when i slipped and broke in
and found another one of those motherfuckers
punching at the lights
   scratching at the sand
      moaning trinkets of truth--

i cant break war
i know i cant hide from the grit
so why try?
i cant break love
i cant break broke
i cant break time
but i can break you

i'm not gonna call you any names
or remind you of the way
we ought to be remembering things
you ought to be squeezing through the seams for yourself
you ought to be sucking on some knowledge for once
ah you -- but nevermind --

it's cold
out there.
in the house,
warm bugs are gonna die
just moments into their new salvation
but not if i stop noticing,
like i know i'm supposed to.
the things tapping on the roof,
   dripping clunks through the attic,
      only scare me in my dreams
but you won't find me screaming
except for yesterday
like i said, those little bastards
kept coming up for the good air
just below where i crashed,
and i couldnt help myself
i let 'em have it
and i killed about a million
of the scrambling thieving shits
because i could
because i knew i could
break them
and i can

and i can break moonlight
and i can break life
and i can break hype
and hope and loss and yearning and fear

and i can break you

but i'm not gonna
-- not today