Wednesday, December 29, 2010

boy nation (for Jhone)

we look in from the outside we look in through glass windows shaded frosted we look in builders of bridges makers of music makers of buildings and houses sometimes we build houses with girls we like that but it isn't often we make things fix things play a tune sculpt a vision from clay we are this boy nation we love you we love each other we forgive and forget we forge and forge ahead we protect and serve with girls and sometimes we do not understand you we find you lack logic you don't you rely too much on emotion

emotion doesn't get a bridge built but it will save a child from a burning building intersect where do we meet in this fight this impasse toward equality emotion gets a bridge built you just told me because i get you from here to there

we do live on love you say without love i would not put a nail to a piece of wood to house you to comfort you not a brick to a fireplace to warm you would not chop wood without love sometimes self love when you are not here you can build your own house please do it for me

without love i would not sew a costume for the play i would not attend the opera with you though i hate it without love i would not even sleep with you because you do not want me

love intersects

healing melding who are you

i am a girl with a boy's heart

i would rather hang with a thousand boys and a tailgate full of beer than not except when i see the exquisite beauty of that delicate necklace you made for me


Old 333 said...

Neat. Thanks, Robin.

Romantic Poetess said...

What a wonderful piece full of love.