Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Midnight Mystery

Swept up to the path of moon chilled air

Above the mountains of clouds
To see what only has been dreamed
To seek what has been sought
In pallets mixed only
With earth drawn media
The dream revealed
The secret yet contained
Lying in wait
For the seeker's return

Each shade, each tone, each tint
Revealed  before
Was but a prelude
To this last proof of the divine

To call it midnight is but a bewildered seekers word
To evoke comparison

The moon was there its glory
Reflected in boundless mosaics of shimmering movement
Not the singular heavenly glow of other midnights

When the sun awakens
The new midnight
Reveals a peculiar dimension
Of its magnificence.
A deep and pure memory
Of a life now forgotten
Of a dream ever there

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Old 333 said...

My goodness! A productive time for you - keep it coming!