Tuesday, December 7, 2010

reading: red leather den talk

red leather den talk

i'd rather be sexless
      than an old husk masturbating ; i prefer empty
    to   half or less full of turgid water - i suspect
       this   is the edge  of the prefectures of death: I
  protest  only occasionally
                           the way that food , no longer desirable
  will not settle in me -the fact
                that the glow of the wine is almost outrun

  right away
             by the heat and pressure of the sugar-fed bacteria
   in the cracks in my sinus - minus
       the minute , i pass things over to you , time

  to sip red wine, and wait and smoke and die.

2010 Peter Greene.


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Romantic Poetess said...

Sad but beautifully said. Although, masturbating can be fun.