Wednesday, December 15, 2010


                            the balloonists

            there were many
                   who went by balloon in those days
            and       there was one
                 who  found a way to throw
                      clods of mud
                 from the ground
                             to the balloons -sometimes
         He knocked them sideways, blocked an
              ascent valve,  or just spattered
         the gondola's occupants  .Still , the
      balloons   followed  the wind , which formed
                  in the sky
        that  they  would  drift  along the edges  of
              not  blind  , not uncaring
       just   not  particularly motile
                    without the wind .Reaching higher
    many joined great stratospheric wind-lines
           and scudded rapid  through the sky
    below  , Tom (the mud guy)  could see  this organization,  far
         above his throwing range and
    whirling up the sky behind him and  before him ; mad
      with fear , he fled  one way and then another , eventually
            to collapse upon the ground,  arms
            folded over his head, weeping,  terrified.

2010 Peter Greene.

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