Sunday, December 5, 2010


I want to sing out
And fill the spaces between the bullets with something beautiful,
Something real,
Bang a tambourine and dance like grey-eyed Miriam through the desert sands,
In ecstasy.
But my mind is atrophied, the words, forgotten.
I am silence and the fear of a nation,
What you cannot see under the smooth mirrored surface:
The white flesh
(Must find the sun)
The scarred hand
(Taught by fire)
The tilted face
(Whispering in the dark)
Thoughts of
And a world that burns now, even as we speak.


Old 333 said...

Well! That led to some interesting side reading. Thanks for it -


Shan Mitchell said...


bewitched said...

really like this Shan...really like it!
"But my mind is atrophied, the words, forgotten"

can relate to that line..

Shan Mitchell said...

Muchas gracias. I'm feeling a bit 'Games Without Frontiers' lately, if you couldn't tell. :D

Romantic Poetess said...

Super powerful words, I love a poem that takes you into the dark side and tells you to dance with a tambourine through the desert sands in ecstasy. I am in awe.