Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wolf Moment

Like a noble wolf
A dark smooth coat
Darker Cracks
In your armor
Inviting me to touch your heart
The grooves that hide your face
Look as if tears
Have dried there for all eternity

I am reminded
 Of the softness of your beard
How I loved to play with it
Curling it in my fingertips
Of the way you would look
When you wanted to tell me
Of the deepest secrets
You held inside your sensitive soul

Others saw you as a wolf
Protecting me from a world of harm
While you hurt inside
For all the injustice that those
You could not protect
Would suffer
The tears disappear
And I see your wise smile
Always knowing
Always kind
 When I would not relent
 You would please me
By saying how much you
Loved my persistence
I want to take you in my arms
As I hold this memory
 In my hands

1 comment:

Old 333 said...

Thanks for the poem! Wolves are very social beasts; half-wolves make the best dogs.

Although maybe not with pugs. (Non sequitur i know, but the neighbour's wolf-dog ran off and with amorous intent did break down a prize-winner's electric dog door, and it's always in my mind to find out what the pups come out like)(all this three miles from town, and Polo the wolf with a recently broken leg, too!)

Welcome, romantic poetess. Thanks for sharing your work.