Monday, November 15, 2010

Patriots Act

Locked up shipwreck dinosaur specimens.all rainbows bled estregin,the powers to build a time machine became relevant;66 headshots,all dead men. Troubled fists beating oppression/oppression stabs assailant,skys open up,capitalisim is for the youth again. Skeleton suit made of cloth ,tear my glass jaw off,I got a face worth kickin’ in,lets ride shotgun with sawed offs,scower the neighborhood for stool pigeons drive by and lop heads off. If I did what I said then Id be scoffed at and now im mocked at,but because its in pixles,the inks usually plain black,more or less my brains paradeing threw clouds ,my lifes medicated,im just psyched I hear sounds,or taste crowns the top of my mouth,im tasteing blood,and aware times moving out;shes packed her bags and thrown our recent celeabacy about,fucking every man or woman down south. Endangered invisons remained in doubt by the feeble minds who were mediocore with their mouths,soft with their tounge,gentle with a sound.Its morning again,wade,dead in the morning,and were still wide awake debating the sun, Though in mornings were forgiven in some ,sad world,with a new start,but a fake continuation.When I asked a fellow the other day,how he was holding up these days,he laughed and scowered at the ground,”im alive” he takes a drag of cigarette;different times/same times. Closed minds or open floors,in the end one or the other leads to some sort of closet door,borded up,out of use to no one but the bores.get your shogun asses ready,theres a war in every new breath,conciese minds now coencide,we are the remaing generation with hellish wishes upon those of the office and those of the jail,we are all animals men;crucifiable and slavebound,dont merrit so much self worth when dealing with gotti boy type approaches,we are roaches of a sudden lower class,and though were all aware,theres generally less fear from the queens bound poets to the tops of tangiers and milagios,mgm grands too,weve finally realized that 20 years ago isnt a pure mantality to aprove,its the choices which we buy by that set up our dooms,im first person deep in a trench full of dead,and god willing i too will loose my head protecting my heart,my clique,my set,thats it. Its a dog eat dog generation,you better sharpen your pens as well as them teeth,were on an intelectual basin,biting as we speak,jigsawing your ass to sleep,slumber,weap,until all our land fills are flowing with human circutry.which is what we wanted,right?

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Old 333 said...

Groovin with ya - but I must say, what is with so many people who when asked howzit, reply in this affected lack-of-affect thing - damnit, it was my generation who invented "Have A Day", but a little verve wouldn't go astray either. I mean, vomit with rage or scream with glee, but don't give me this cigarette-butt feeling thang unless you have some seriously ground-down stubs for emotions.


And thanks for the piece, William - good and seasoned up tasteful, like I like it.