Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prelude (from the novel "Mythic Creatures")

The light awakens, eyes rush open,
The light bends to enter,
The sun heats my body, soul, and face.
A weightless ghost aloft
A wispy thing
Suddenly alive and living deep in space.
Below me, the germination of things
Lush and green…the germination of things that
By the movement of my hands
I can sense the movement of
Waters, mists infinite.
Growing things grow
Future and every possible future,
springs forth,
Cultivated by a seedling imagination and
Through our wisdom and dreams
We are purified.
By our capabilities
We are horrified
And by our abilities
We are calmed.
The light bends to enter
Over reaching eyes
Fatigue of the senses
Causes phantoms to appear
And the mind grows tricky and slippery
Below me, spinning spinning spinning
Blue and green.
Empty Ghosts passing through airless space together.

1 comment:

satu kaikkonen said...

I like the image very much, it's like a rain.

I like the poem too.