Sunday, November 7, 2010

a new g. martinez cabrera

A Journey in Early Fall

And now you turn to me—not quite an afterthought,

And I am appreciative for this.

You tell me, not in words, but by the way you slightly cock your neck as you give me a hug:

All I have to do is come and join you for a swim

Out in the green that surrounds us.

But pettiness, or fear, or just a need to hear what you won’t say, I suspect

Has made me a bad swimmer.

And as we travel in this ship of sorts

Sailing down to an awareness

That the end of this journey is really only the beginning of something else,

I am conscious of this limitation, and I fear it.

So for now I sit here

Consoling myself by watching you.

Showing my hesitant smile without hesitation.

Happy, seeing you as you imagine yourself

In the embrace of the moon, your soul-mate, your friend.

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Afric McGlinchey said...

I love this! The delicacy of the mood/emotions and the capturing of the qualities of each beautifully done. Well done G! (and are you male of female I wonder? And of course you'll leave us guessing! I've made a guess, but not saying....)