Saturday, November 6, 2010


              black rhymes
              and piquant seeds ; these
              i call my currant-tree - i
              planted not nor did i water
              and i shall eat
              what i have got of her - 

2010 Peter Greene.


satu kaikkonen said...

it's very hard to me say something in English, but

I get fansy (or is it delighted)(in Finnish it is "ihastua") about this poem...


Old 333 said...

Thanks satu! Ooo, I'm all pleased by my own bit of whimsy now. Chuckle chuckle gloat gloat.

Re: ihastua: In english you can "have a fancy for" or "fancy" something...which word we also use to indicate quality (fancy goods), snobbery (fancy pants or fancy dancy), situational surprise (fancy that!), and the Jabberwock knows what else. I will go now and look up "ihastua", which word has made Rammmstein's "Du Hast" start up in my head. Which is all right, I guess, but somewhat distracting.

And thank you! I aim to please, and even try to peek through the blindfold a little as I do so.