Thursday, November 25, 2010

reading: new york buried in crushed snow

                    new york buried in crushed snow

       snow gets dirty so fast
        someone is coughing
                 in the next room
    interrupting this poem.
        Snow is falling outside - and already
in my previous crumping footsteps
        shows - a certain pattern 
                   of spots of brown - shit,
    i've trodden on it,
                    borne upon my airy clouds
 that to me seem hard slow and compressible_but
         to the inhabitants below, an endless crystal dream
 imagine if our sky
                   was suddenly covered , the planet encased
      like a Christmas ball turning the lights
             of the solar system all prism
          as it hung , glorious.
               Imagine if someone stepped on it! New York,
                            buried in crushed snow.

Peter Greene 2010.


Shan Mitchell said...

Holy jeez, Blogger's letting me comment again. Phew.
Just wanted to say I like this. Very cool. And thanks for always leaving super nice comments. Self-esteem is often in short supply.

Jesse.s.mitchell said...

Greene, You fuckin' rule. I like this stuff here, man. Rock on.

bewitched said...

love the readings....lost art!

William Seward Bonnie said...

<3 :D