Tuesday, March 8, 2011

calls from richmond

I keep swishers full of pine when im out here flossin
no gingivitus...just flirting with sinus cancer from all these lines i been coughin




exploring this thesis for morning glory seeds

and without limitations from the overgrowth and the power of my fallen brothers keepers

I live every day like a rave.
I pray even more now.

ive been a bass head since I can't remember
ragin couches since late september
spocking ladies brain stems since M.N.R's taught me
to be an undergroundking.
Pirates on the street of DFW to the ATX

there I found my cigarettes...my whiskey habit...and insomnia in the form of art

sleep is harder for me than most people...my body rests...but my dreamscape is far developed


the only reason i trade adderals for tramadols in the winters ending

the frogs are celebrating spring in athens county.

I live for pittsburgh...I live for that city.
so many kind hearted and genuine people...which is funny for a state that also has philly.
So many collaberations on new beginings threw a tremoultus end
to friends love
and relationships

which brings me back to charlottesville...oh virgina...my home
a place where my sensory memory is on overload...
so much so my eyes well up on the top of pride rock overlooking shanendoah
the valley of the dolls
the ones that mother sewed.
where the friendliest houses have bullet holes.

then back to columbus...nights of nitros and bisco
a house full of brothers you meet moments ago
now they pass the toke
they flip a quarter because your broke.

put on some more GZA and rail that last bump...tonight is barely enough to keep our spirits up...then here comes the sun

it shines on 5 lives that have been divided
you choose your own path...as does your muse
everyonce in a while we sit to commune

were afraid of what the darkeness can do

we live life inspite of dablooms

her eyes are as wide as mine until high noon
spoons full of hash make others brew
and conjur ideas of intermediated goals that they assumed were their own

but I travel the path alone
with phone calls from richmond that are the only ones to see HOW I AM

now WHO I AM.

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Old 333 said...

Enjoyed. Thanks for it.