Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Off line face time for the pedafiles drawn up with a smiles going door to door pretending to be housewives
clinical files for off the grid kids who had no real chance of EVER getting off on ten hits out of a type writer
to many blows to the head.self enflicted angelic beatdowns on unimaginable scales and proportions over time periods
I was born to be a bachelor until I ended my life in a swampy marsh in southern florida
awoke in a bath tube in another dimension in time,coughing up water and being consoled by a woman I had only met a few hours before in my original timeline,reborn is such a realitive and exacting term
so forth,
gravity is a building block,I know my next lifetimes gonna be a melody of bloodshed over bed rock with tens of thousands of maidens and double that for mid wives,triple that for genital sores
I feel it in my thoughts with every syllabul,word and music note that is tied in with these stanzas i delicatley string to life
everynight howls from the wind that skips along the sea
ive seen this place several times in a dream,on the outside a bed and breakfast in venice on a back alley canal way
and on the inside a space ship filled with levels that seemingly are unending and pearl white
the place is beautiful,of course,covered in marble stone.
its only filled with friends,lovers and families of me and my lover
I thank my positive energy,understanding I am not here for evil
but theres a price for being free
sweet peices of bark gently scrape my feet
I want to raise goats,holding hands and dancing in feilds
capitalisim is for the youth again
as for me its a thing of the present
I only know what the future will hold,I just havent found out yet
so I havent told a soul


Paige said...

Unsimply amazing.

Old 333 said...

Very lovely, William. Full of life and beauty.