Thursday, February 3, 2011

valium,mushrooms and whiskey..thursday mornings

It seems diffrent these minimum wage
just strange nights with random kids clear across the u.s. of A
I dare ya,nah I double dog dare ya
get out of that comfort zone,and make your home the body you were born of
no televisions no xbox kinects,just good old fashioned swimming,shitting and intercorse (sex)
I thought I was blessed with so many gifts that narcacissim was the only way to converse
look at my status symbols and force a smile over those forced : "words."
now I realize that their are so many flowers in this orchard
their vibrant undertones are an orgasim of sight,touch and intellect
always regret then forget the voice in my head yells
never be afraid to smoke a cigarette with the drunk old smelly bum,who was realised from jail an hour or so ago
hes got as much knowledge as any professer could spew,even if he slurs and stumbles
he'll have a better chance to make eye contact with you.
time traveling back to an anti climatic vortex of trailor trash propaganda known as republican v. democrat
ignorance for anyone whos cast their vote so they could quote un quote change the world
the illusion of being apart of a family
revolutionaries are armed with pens,knowledge and ammunition,and their dielect is so vicious it keeps the upper class ignorant
blind to the orchards of brains hanging from the trees of this so called under belly
dead are the days when the old man labeld himself by his religous prefrence and wages
long are the nights where we find ourselves by candle light,high,discussing the measures we took to be alive
I ride storms as if I was a vulture stranded to the inns and outs of this landmine
no more comfort zones,only snipers and timed bombs line my sidewalk
beartraps in my closet


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