Monday, February 7, 2011


new mission i guess in the new i ask my muse this morning for inspiration..what should i write about...? what armani suit would best define my charecter. How loud should datsik be? the old woman next door needs a little wamp in her being,shit the same as me. were both eatin perscription drugs,mines for her knees,,,just kidding. Hunter S. Thompson covered the whole drug tired of trying to be old bull lee...ill keep his name though,and smoke ciggarettes for a few more months..sell a car buy an rv,as the souls of mischeif,i give it all i got,thats all i got to got live and let live.

Collective Consciousness of Light and Love

It gets no realer when you preceive what you see as reality. No preaching only questions and,for lack of a better term,an oozie filled with words,which cut wat depper then those hollow tip bullshits. Its so weird how every ones a thug in the 21st year,or century,or whatever label some dude said it is. Sheetz for the kidz is so over played,theres enough drugs around the country to feed a family,but we destroyed the indians customs probaly because Alexander hamilton ate some psychocycliciban,had a really bad trip,and was scared of a headress..its just a theory...but who knows maybe im wrong,maybe the matrix and corporate conglomarates really do know whats really going on,because I sure dont. I see honest hard working americans lending a helping hand to complete strangers,buying me a cheeseburger because im trying to trade a watch some where in west virgina. Compassion isnt dead,self righteousness may be thriving,but even if the money or time or friendship is given for a wrong reason,at least it happend. At least I'm not delivering pizza at dominos,coming home at 4 in the morning ,drinking myself into obliveration,doing lines of whatever the fuck i could score,making beats,then playing video games until the rest of the house left for school and I rapped my lungs out making song after song,pouring out my heart and my soul. I miss you justin calva,man it just feels good to write your name,to cry onto this keyboard,to release that pain thats torn my heart since that day you passed man. You already know him,friends, hes that smile all over the world.Those dimples that look surgically imposed,like kirby in austin,or austin for that matter...still we run,because fear is the heart of love. And I know its a got damn death cab lyric people but give me a break,writings hard when pain fades. It becomes this wild experience,youve felt it in your work...that rush...the accomplishment..all those dirty words you mumble under your breath while you stomp your feet and beat those thighs like war drums. I found myself in florida,oh I wish I could convey to you the holy spirit I felt,it had nothing to do with any religon,just a light and shining flowing energy. Ive claimed for years I belive in all,all religons teach us somthing valuable,but also corporations are like leechs...they know their morals...they know their limits...pirannahs will eat you while your swimming next to so the person youd never thought would push you in..trials by fire light the road by night. Dont be afraid to say hi to a stranger,it may save their life.We all know those chicken soup for the soul books,I used to read that shit on the toilet every damn time at joe kemps house,or brent tittle,probally all of them,maybe none of them...but you catch my drift.

Ive never seen light so pure as i do with my muse,I feel creepy but their are sometimes when shes the only one in the room..for hours ive watched her hoola hoop,no matter who was talking to me,or trying to tell me where to go,because I know in my heart,you travel down your own road,and the best way is to do it naked,cold and alone. NO. One more,two more,three millon more,meet them on the road,trust your heart be weary of your surroundings,never get to comfortable,because we all have limits and to push them is an act of complete rigimortis of ones light they bestow on this world. We use this brain once,so we must share it with as many people as possible,to make it better for people to feel ok about not having to pay a toll for unselfishiness,because it all gets paid forward.We need not to be weary but to look for the signs,feel the love that resonates from each and every eye,wether wide,tiny,or normal sized,every one has a purpose to be alive.Oh dont think its all glitz and glammer,theyll steal your ideas to manifest thier own destiny...especially when I was younger I felt the presense of my elders guiding me as some sort of obi em guardian angels,call them a manifestation of hallucenations of a small possible schitzophrenia,or call it being so in tune with the energy that flows threw each and every heart that my light shines pure...I dont need riches,nor do I need gold.I dont need hoopdies,I dont need XBOX,I dont need swords.A fishing pole a tenet,an rv and a home base,and a bunch of family members I just met introducing each other to the rest of the gang.Have you ever seen the leprachaun in mobile alabama,you know...I wanna know where the gold at...well the guy with leprachaun flute who had it passed down from his great grandfather many many centuries ago (it looked like a bong I made out of pvc pipe once) said somthing that resonates with me to this day:

"Don't be afraid man...don't be afraid!"

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