Thursday, January 6, 2011


we're KIDS again!
go bigger/ go harder.
this movielife is never THAT tiresome!
living life threw credit cards and rolled up 50 federal reserve note dollars
bridging lines of MDMA off the tips of butterfly knives above the kitchen counter
puffing cigars in the haze of the new year,smoke washed down by mimosas
we chased every breathe with whiskey and cigarettes
joints became as routine as flushing the toilet
soundtracked by nothing but illmatic and Wu Tangs enter the 36 anderson&david fincher.amphedamine after knife hits
salvia gets cannonballed by olde english
and suddenly wileys entranced by the panda,crushed in the hallway with his foot turning the frame into the doorway
rainbows on top of the coffee table staring threw space
as good shit mumbles any and every thing he thinks.
denver is magical these days.
weary traveler challenges me to another hit,I take that challenge,I redirect a similar one at him
we push each other to our limits,talk about how stupid it is,and contiune
were seeing what new plateau we can get to,a new level that weve never been on before
weve spoken as if words were words,and nothing hurt.

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