Thursday, February 23, 2012

getting clean on pharmaceuticals

    i kn ock   back   diamond s

  and wait for them to
            unfect me
   I drop  a few
  and watch  them  roll
  across  the table  : orange  ,white
  yellow  blue
    I  take  back
         my mind
from the sky  for  a few hours
and  bring  it  here ,  jewelled,   to you
it  is  a  dead   bird  , staring ,  car
buncled  and  no  new  ideas
                      curling  and/or trilling
 from   its  wicked  hook
                            of  a  beak  greasy
feathers ,  poached blank eyes
  and  a  smell
           maybe  fleas

   i knock    back   diamonds
and  sink  them  with  a  clear  cool  fool's  brew
                 of  water

©Peter A. Greene 2012

1 comment:

kshawnedgar said...

I take back my mind from the sky...

What a great image and idea. Pulling your mind back from the collective to see more clearly. Nice.