Friday, August 5, 2011



a soul at the gate,

replinished & frightened

night time splices with moments of memoris of those who lived life in a limelight

only to be struck down by visions of those who mean to inject sight

spirit for lack of a better term,love the antethisis OF

spun until the clothes are worn out,fading like the sounds of distant war drums

moments now turn to tourment

,why was I put here for now love?

Lord if I had a gallon of bullets Id pour it into the people I trust

only because of the hardships that are hard to speak of without trouble

new brain bubles burst like bruises and blisters

but somthing is reminescent of my childhood fears

I came for the combustion

Ill stay for the fuck of it

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Rachel Hoyt said...

Wow. I feel this one but am not sure I can put it into words properly. I had a few brain bubbles burst not too long ago, but I think they're finally starting to heal.