Monday, May 30, 2011

hits to the bow

i want to join a cult
stop thinking and just be
drink the kool aid
sleep under purple sheets


i want to see the worms
deep and sweet underneath
i want them to hear the words from beyond my teeth
who has taught us well?
i hear hell in the tales
or spells
the witchcraft grabs sails
rape us with gods current
its a love triangle in the four courners of this rock in outer space


i want to be beaten
to see the heat
the 5-0 runnin up my medical bill so the settlements and blackmailing will sease
i want to have a seizure
convulse into a bush
awake and see all my friends over me
not just one


Old 333 said...

...lookin' thru my belly-button window....

andymac89 said...

brilliant and vivid

Romantic Poetess said...

Powerful words, wonderful poem